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River’s Edge Healing Center came into existence through divine intervention, really. Owner Lori Haggerty, although being a Healer to others, has struggled for several years with chronic pain from Fibromyalgia. She has found that the secret to healing is a 3-pronged approach…Mind, Body and Spirit. Lori found that her pain could be managed with a variety of holistic modalities; energy healing, body work, self-reflection, spiritual guidance, physical movement and releasing emotional pain. Having many clients that shared the same type of chronic issues, Lori wanted to create a space where these services could be offered under one roof, with compassionate healers who could understand the needs of their clients.

In May of 2019 she began looking for an office space that would allow her to bring in additional practitioners of various healing modalities. Within 2 weeks, she found the building that now houses our healing center! Everything came together so beautifully that she had the key to the center by the end of the month! The building is a beautiful home built in 1900. The property was magical.. surrounded by mature trees and LOTS of wildlife. It is bittersweet in that is is located just down the road from Sandy Hook Elementary School, where the unthinkable happened just 7 years ago. It was as if this was a divinely chosen location for a Healing Center.

The practitioners then followed… as if they were answering the energetic call that the universe had put out to heal this area. River’s Edge is a place where we call home. All of us here have a passion to bring wellness to our community, as our life’s work, and we are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with you!

River’s Edge Healing Center’s mission is to create connections that uplift and inspire each of us, in our community, to living our passion and healing our souls. YOU are our community. Thank you for finding us!

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River's Edge Healing Center

5 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

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