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Lori Haggerty


Lori is a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, a Shamanic Practitioner and Healer, and a Past Life Regression Therapist. 

Although she has been an intuitive, empathic healer her entire life, she began her formal training in 2011. Working in a highly stressful career, Lori began to see that stress manifest as physical illness in the form of fibromyalgia. She sought relief by turning to what she instinctively knew would work for her… holistic healing.

Since then she has trained with many gifted teachers in Reiki, Shamanism, Psychic Development, Past Life Regression, Craniosacral Therapy and Meditation. She sees the psycho-emotional connection with disease and believes that true healing comes from multiple modalities addressing the mind, body and spirit.

This is what drew her to create River’s Edge Healing Center.

Lori loves supporting and accompanying her clients and students on their journeys to healing and empowerment. Her aim is to help those seeking to optimize their well-being to reach for their highest and best good. She is continually awed by the beauty and power of the transformations, healings and shifts she witnesses in her clients and students.

Lori leads a simple, quiet, happy life surrounded by loving and supportive family, friends and her many beloved animal companions.

Barbara Pinder

Spiritual Medium

Course In Miracles

Barbara has been on a “Purposeful” Spiritual Journey most of her life. It took a turn in 2000 when she began studying A Course in Miracles – since that time she has shared what she learned (along with other spiritual teachings) with a number of groups both in private home and adult education settings.

She is a Psychic Medium and has been giving “Spiritual Readings” for the past 25 years. She’s also a Reiki Master and creates Spiritually Inspired Jewelry.

Through her journey she has learned what she calls the wisdom and knowledge of the “Soul*Love Connection” – meaning whatever she chooses in each moment, she first chooses to connect to the love and light of her soul self. It is through this connection that her words, actions, thoughts, and intentions are shared; be it through a class, a reading, Reiki, a meditation, piece of jewelry, or a brief encounter!

Kat Andino


Katherine Andino started in the industry as a professional make up artist, receiving her certificate at Empire Beauty School in New York City in 2008. She worked at Eurolux salon and Day Spa as a make up artist for a number of years. This experience sparked her interest in esthetics, so she next attended New York School of Esthetics and began her career as an esthetician in 2013. She has received several licenses for face and body treatments, hair laser removal, chemical peels, micro needling and dermaplanning.

Every facial and esthetic service that you receive from Kat is fully customized to your needs and goals. Continuing education is very important to her because she knows that it is vitally important to stay on top of the newest products and treatments to provide all of her customers with the very best possible esthetics services. She is proud of her extensive and ever-growing knowledge of esthetics and she loves to share it all with her many happy clients, like YOU.

Chanty Waring

Massage Therapist

Chanty is a 2017 graduate from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (now known as the Cortiva Institute). She has an exceptional amount of experience from working in a busy spa clinic and seeing clients privately. Chanty has built a loyal and expanding client base in a brief amount of time. She is known for having “surprisingly strong hands for her size.”

She is passionate about her work and this allows her to be able to customize any massage session for exactly what the client needs/desires! Massage therapy is not just a career for Chanty, it’s become a passion and way of life. She loves using natural methods of healing to promote self-care and wellness in all aspects of life.

In addition to her passion for Massage Therapy, Chanty loves to travel and explore different cultures and cuisines. She loves to explore the outdoors and spend time in her garden gathering herbs for some culinary exploration at home as well!

CT LMT #9848

Tracey O’Connor

Healing and Trauma Coach

 Tracey is a Healing and Trauma Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.   She specializes in helping you to release blocks, recognize self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns behaviors learned from childhood/adult trauma.   

The basis of her work and teachings is that when we experience any type of trauma whether physical, mental or emotional we carry that in every cell of our body without even realizing it and that starts to create an imbalance in our physical body. This affects us on every single layer – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Her training and natural gifts weave together a unique blend to address where you may be experiencing imbalances and help to guide and return you to your natural state of health and well being while reconnecting with your body. It’s time to claim your own happiness, improve your self confidence and start living a more empowered life.


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